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Grow Your Business With Our Unified E-Commerce Platform. We help global businesses to sell their products in India. We provide recurring UPI and ease of payment to all the customers and help our clients manage their taxation as per the latest tax rules.


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Localized Payment Methods

In order to enhance the success percentage of payments for both one-time payments and in particular recurring payments, we provide all local payment methods, including UPI, credit and debit cards, etc.


Enhanced Security

We are a PCI-DSS certified company that has best-in-class servers for data storing and handling.We have partnered with several payment gateways and banks, all of which have the best in class security features. Lesser failure rates and increased traffic for payments is something we are expert at handling.


Boost Sales

Transact Bridge Helps global businesses to increase their sales by providing them the access to 1.4bn Indians to grow their business in India . The best in class UPI stack which offers ease of payment for Indian customers, adding greater sales volume for your e-commerce business and lowering post checkout drop-off rates and thus increases conversion of leads to regular customers.


Customer Experience

Our customised checkout page , smooth PG integration of several payment methods, lowest drop off rate provides the best possible customer experience.Our pre-built integrations for various e-commerce platforms are perfect if you're looking for a quick and easy integration process.


Easy Handling of Tax Compliance

Our team of experts handles all the tax compliance and remains updated with the latest changes in the same and creates pathways for the cross border e-commerce business to sell their products in india. Our team handles all the filing for you and also works on keeping you end-to-end tax compliant in India.


Fraud Detection

We detect and prevent potentially fraudulent transactions ,with the aid of our cutting-edge fraud protection algorithm and risk management systems. The reduced risk of fraud on any platform, ensures a smooth working for all our clients.

Some Frequently Asked Questions.

  • We accept a variety of local payment methods, including credit and debit cards, UPI, bank transfers, e-wallets, and alternative payment methods like PhonePe and Google Pay.

  • Transact Bridge provides Robust system to track, reconcile, manage all the e-commerce Sales done through us.

  • We take care of collecting and paying the taxes locally. Also our team of experts is updated with the ever changing tax regulation and thus reduces your headache of doing so.

  • We have a dedicated team of grievance specialists who work to prevent and manage grievances, ensuring that disputes are resolved in a timely and efficient manner. We work directly with banks and payment gateways, and make sure the disputes are resolved in the shortest possible time.