Unraveling the Role of Seller of Record (SOR) in Global Commerce

In the intricate world of global commerce, businesses encounter a multitude of terms and roles that play pivotal roles in facilitating seamless transactions. Among these, the Seller of Record (SOR) stands as a cornerstone, wielding significant influence over the intricacies of cross-border trade. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore the essence of Seller of Record, akin to its counterpart, the Merchant of Record (MOR), uncovering its functions, importance, and impact on businesses venturing into new markets.

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What is Seller of Record?

Seller of Record (SOR) refers to the entity legally responsible for executing sales transactions. Much like its counterpart, the Merchant of Record (MOR), SOR assumes a multifaceted role in the transaction process. However, while the Merchant of Record primarily focuses on payment processing, the Seller of Record shoulders the broader responsibility of overseeing the entire sales transaction, from compliance and taxation to customer service and support.

Key Functions of Seller of Record

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Importance of Seller of Record for Businesses


Compliance Assurance

Compliance Assurance

SOR ensures that businesses remain compliant with local and international regulations, minimizing the risk of legal issues and penalties.


Tax Compliance

Tax Compliance

Managing taxation and revenue collection in accordance with local tax laws ensures accurate financial reporting and minimizes the risk of tax-related complications.


Enhanced Customer Experience

Enhanced Customer Experience

Providing efficient customer service contributes to higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, fostering long-term relationships with buyers.


Risk Management

Risk Management

SOR helps mitigate risks associated with non-compliance, fraud, chargebacks, refunds, and returns, safeguarding the reputation and financial interests of the business.

How Transact Bridge Helps with Seller of Record (SOR) Solutions?

Simplifying Cross-Border Sales with Transact Bridge's SOR Solutions Simplifying Cross-Border Sales with Transact Bridge's SOR Solutions

Foreign Product Acquisition

Transact Bridge partners with foreign companies unable to sell products directly in India due to legal and compliance barriers. We procure their products and handle all import-related procedures.


Legal & Compliance Handling

Our expert team manages all legal and compliance aspects, ensuring that products meet Indian regulatory standards seamlessly. This includes obtaining necessary licenses and certifications.


Tax Management

Transact Bridge takes care of all tax-related complexities, including GST and import duties. We ensure accurate tax calculations and compliance with Indian tax laws for each transaction.


Invoice Generation

Using our advanced invoicing system, we generate accurate and compliant invoices for every transaction. This enhances transparency and ensures smooth financial operations for both sellers and buyers.


Payment Processing

Indian consumers can purchase products with ease using popular payment methods like UPI, Net Banking, and credit/debit cards. Our seamless payment processing system ensures a frictionless checkout experience.


Direct Access to Indian Market

By leveraging our SOR Solutions, foreign companies gain direct access to the vast Indian consumer market. This allows them to expand their reach, maximize sales potential, and build a brand presence in India.


Experience the ease of cross-border sales with Transact Bridge's Seller of Record Solutions. Simplify your entry into the Indian market and unlock new growth opportunities.


Some Frequently Asked Questions.

  • SOR is a service where Transact Bridge becomes the official seller, managing legal, tax, and compliance aspects for foreign companies. This enables seamless entry into the Indian market while ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Transact Bridge offers easy payment methods in INR, including UPI, Net banking, and credit/debit card options, ensuring convenient and secure transactions for Indian customers.

  • Yes, Transact Bridge handles currency conversion and international payment processing, allowing foreign companies to receive payments in their preferred currency while offering Indian customers the convenience of paying in INR.

  • Transact Bridge supports the sale of various products in India, including consumer goods, electronics, fashion items, and more, enabling foreign companies to tap into the Indian market with ease.

  • Transact Bridge has a deep understanding of Indian regulations and offers tailored SOR solutions, ensuring foreign companies adhere to local laws, tax obligations, and compliance requirements.

  • Yes, Transact Bridge provides flexible SOR solutions tailored to the unique needs of each foreign company, allowing customization based on product type, market strategy, and other preferences.

  • By partnering with Transact Bridge, foreign companies gain access to a reliable and experienced partner for navigating the complexities of the Indian market, facilitating seamless entry, and maximizing growth opportunities.