Strengthen Your Transaction Security with Transact Bridge Security Analysis

Welcome to Transact Bridge, your trusted partner in ensuring the utmost security and integrity of your transactions. Our Security Analysis & compliance offers comprehensive measures to safeguard your financial operations, providing you with peace of mind and protection against potential threats.

Understanding the Importance of Security in Transactions

In today's digital age, the security of financial transactions is of paramount importance. With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats and data breaches, businesses need robust security measures in place to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access to transaction systems.


Compliance with Industry Standards

Stay Ahead with PCI-DSS (version 4) Compliance! Unlock unparalleled security for your transactions by leveraging our PCI-DSS (version 4) certified solutions. Ensure peace of mind and build trust with your customers.

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Elevate Your Security with ISO-27001 Certification!

Experience industry-leading information security management with our ISO-27001 certified solutions. Protect your data, mitigate risks, and demonstrate your commitment to excellence.

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Identity theft and fraud are real challenges


Lack of Robust Security Measures

Many existing transaction platforms lack robust security measures to effectively mitigate the risk of fraud, leaving buyers and sellers susceptible to financial losses and reputational damage.

Vulnerability of Transactions

The prevalence of financial frauds underscores the vulnerability of transactions to unauthorized access, identity theft, and fraudulent activities.

Cyber Financial Scams

Reports indicate that 11% of cyber financial scams have origins in India, further exacerbating the risk of fraudulent activities in the digital space.

Alarming Statistics

In financial year 2023, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) reported bank frauds amounting to more than 302.5 billion Indian rupees, highlighting the magnitude of financial frauds within the country.

Compliance Challenges

Compliance with industry standards, such as PCI-DSS and ISO certifications, poses a challenge for businesses, leading to gaps in security protocols and increasing the likelihood of fraudulent incidents.


Consent Management

Transact Bridge simplifies consent capture and management for businesses, ensuring compliance with regulations. Customers can easily grant or revoke consent, enhancing transparency and trust. With Transact Bridge, businesses streamline consent processes, bolster compliance, and prioritize customer data privacy.

Transact Bridge's Secure Transaction Solutions

Transact Bridge offers secure transaction solutions designed to address the pressing need for robust security measures in the transactional landscape.

Advanced Security Features

Transact Bridge's platform boasts advanced security features, including end-to-end encryption and real-time monitoring, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of transactions.


Mitigating Fraud Risk

Through advanced fraud detection algorithms and stringent identity verification measures, Transact Bridge's platform effectively mitigates the risk of fraud, safeguarding transactions for both buyers and sellers.

Compliance Certifications

With PCI-DSS and ISO certifications, Transact Bridge ensures compliance with industry standards, providing buyers and sellers with assurance regarding the security and integrity of their transactions.

Transact Bridge Security for Buyer’s & Seller’s

For Buyers

  • Secure Payment Processing:

    Transact Bridge ensures that your payment information is handled securely, protecting you from fraud and unauthorized access.
  • Peace of Mind:

    With PCI-DSS and ISO certifications, you can trust that your transactions are conducted in a compliant environment, giving you confidence in your online purchases.
  • End-to-End Encryption:

    Your sensitive data is safeguarded with robust encryption methods, maintaining confidentiality and integrity throughout the transaction process
  • Real-Time Fraud Detection:

    Transact Bridge employs advanced fraud detection algorithms to monitor transactions in real-time, promptly identifying and preventing fraudulent activities.
  • Identity Verification:

    Protect yourself from identity theft with Transact Bridge's identity verification measures, ensuring that only authorized users can access your account and make purchases.

For Sellers

  • Compliance Assurance:

    Transact Bridge is PCI-DSS and ISO certified, providing assurance that your payment processing systems meet industry standards for security and compliance.
  • Protected Customer Data:

    Our platform safeguards your customers' payment information, reducing the risk of data breaches and protecting your reputation.
  • Fraud Prevention Tools:

    Transact Bridge offers robust fraud prevention tools to help you identify and mitigate fraudulent transactions, safeguarding your business and your customers.
  • Streamlined Compliance:

    Simplify compliance with regulatory requirements with our comprehensive reporting tools and customizable policies, saving you time and resources.
  • Dedicated Support:

    Our team of experts is available to provide guidance and assistance, ensuring that your transition to a secure and compliant transaction solution is smooth and hassle-free.

Features of Transact Bridge Security Analysis


256-bit Encryption

Our platform employs state-of-the-art AES-256 encryption, ensuring top-tier security for all your transactions.


CSRF Token Authentication

Adding an extra layer of security, CSRF Token Authentication validates user requests, significantly reducing fraud risks.


Quarterly VAPT Testing

We conduct regular Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) by Approved Scanning Vendors, ensuring our system's robustness against cyber threats.


AI-Based Monitoring

Our AI-driven monitoring system provides constant surveillance, promptly detecting and flagging any unusual activities for immediate action.



We utilize the latest versions of HTTPS and HSTS protocols, offering cutting-edge security features to protect your data during transmission.


Card Tokenisation

With our advanced card tokenisation technology, we guarantee zero data leakage by replacing sensitive card details with secure tokens.


3D Card Authorization

Enhance your card security with our 3D card authorization, adding an additional layer of authentication for secure transactions.


Multi-Factor Authentication

For sensitive data access, we offer multi-factor authentication, requiring multiple verification methods to ensure only authorized access.


GDPR Compliant

Committed to data privacy, we are fully GDPR compliant, upholding the highest standards of data protection and privacy.


Proactive Internet Monitoring

Our proactive internet monitoring can the internet for our merchants’ API keys using GitHub to safeguard your API keys, preemptively identifying and mitigating phishing attempts.

Protect Your Transactions with Transact Bridge

With Transact Bridge Security Analysis, you can protect your transactions and build trust with your customers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you safeguard your financial operations.


Some Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Transact Bridge Security Analysis is a comprehensive assessment service designed to evaluate and enhance the security posture of your transactions and data. We utilize advanced security measures, including PCI-DSS (version 4) and ISO-27001 standards, to ensure the highest level of protection.

  • Security Analysis helps identify vulnerabilities and risks in your current infrastructure, allowing you to implement necessary controls and safeguards. This proactive approach helps mitigate potential threats, protect sensitive data, and build trust with your customers.

  • Transact Bridge employs a multi-layered approach to security analysis, incorporating features such as sensitive action authentication, access restriction, auditing, HTTPS, HSTS for secure connections, and proactive internet monitoring. Our solutions are built on dedicated and corporate technologies to ensure robust protection.

  • Transact Bridge offers secure transaction solutions equipped with advanced fraud detection algorithms, stringent identity verification measures, and robust security features to mitigate the risk of fraud and safeguard transactions for both buyers and sellers.

  • Transact Bridge holds PCI-DSS and ISO certifications, demonstrating compliance with industry standards and providing assurance regarding the security and integrity of transactions conducted through its platform.

  • Transact Bridge's platform is designed to meet regulatory requirements, including PCI-DSS and ISO standards, through comprehensive reporting tools, customizable policies, and ongoing monitoring to address compliance challenges effectively.

  • Transact Bridge employs end-to-end encryption, real-time monitoring, and multi-factor authentication to protect sensitive data, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity throughout the transaction process.