Unlock the Potential of Selling Digital Products in India with Transact Bridge

Streamline Your Digital Product Sales directly with INR in India, Transact Bridge act as a Merchant of Record for Global Companies that want digital products to sell in India.

How we help your business?

Transact Bridge helps businesses in many ways like easy global payment processing, currency support in INR with easy UPI payments, localized checkout experience, tax calculations and compliance, automated invoicing system, secure recurring payment processing, and GDPR compliance.

One of the primary benefits is that it allows for seamless and secure transactions between parties. This means that digital products selling businesses can easily send and receive payments, sell digital goods, and conduct other financial transactions without worrying about security concerns or delays.

Additionally, Transact Bridge provides businesses with access to a wide range of payment options, including credit card, debit card, UPI and net banking payments. This can help businesses reach more customers and expand their customer base in India.

Accelerate Growth

Transact Bridge has the resources you require to boost recurring revenue, including upsells, cross-sells, upgrades, and unique digital product selling possibilities in INR in India. If your digital products involve subscriptions or recurring billing, Transact Bridge offers tools to manage subscriptions efficiently which will help your business to accelerate revenue in India.

Accelerate Growth

Stress-free Tax Collection

You won't ever need to worry about paying sales tax, value-added tax, or filing tax returns in India because we sell on your behalf. Transact Bridge offers a user-friendly, compliant, and reliable solution that will help digital products businesses to focus on their core operations without worrying about tax-related complexities in India.

Stress-free Tax Collection

Reduce or eliminate risk

Sell digital goods in India while avoiding fraud, handling chargebacks, and adhering to all current and future regulations. Our advanced fraud prevention tools and risk management systems can help identify and prevent potentially fraudulent transactions, reducing the risk of chargebacks and financial losses.

Reduce or eliminate risk

Accept Various Indian Payment methods

We are one of the best digital products resellar in India, which are un-locked accepting payments in INR directly through recurring UPI payments, Netbanking, and Card Payment. It will help businesses to reach and sell products to end India users.

Accept Various Indian Payment

What is Seller of Record?

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Some Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Digital goods refer to intangible products or services that are delivered electronically. These goods are not physical items but can be downloaded, accessed, or consumed using digital devices. Therefore, customers buy them over the Internet.

  • Transact Bridge is a Global digital products reseller in India. Who wants to sell products in India also helps you sell your products in India while providing streamlined and efficient expansion pathways in INDIA.

  • We accept a variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, UPI, bank transfers, e-wallets, and alternative payment methods like PhonePe and Google Pay.

  • Transact Bridge helps all offshore SaaS merchants to sell their products and expand their business in India by working as a worldwide reseller of software subscriptions.